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We have transformed Cape Town wine tours.

Jonathan Snashall’s interest in wine and Cape Town wine tours and tastings was inspired by his father at a very young age, but despite his growing fascination with this ancient libation, he decided to move to the Cape in 1993 to pursue a career in financial services – or so he thought.

After freeing himself from the shackles of an ordinary career in 1997, Jonathan qualified as a professional winemaker in 2001 and began his amazing wine-steeped journey by creating vintages in New Zealand and Europe, after which he returned to Cape Town to represent the world-renowned International Wine Services.

Following two years on the European Master of Wine (MW) programme, he now consults, writes, judges, lectures and (sometimes, when there is enough left-over) bathes in wine. Of course, he is also the guide of Wine Tasting Tours.

 The Experience

Our Cape Town wine tours are comprehensive and infinitely customisable for almost every wine preference, taste or palate. We are also able to offer guests tours that combine a variety of cultural and sporting activities, such as game drives, fly fishing, art gallery visits, balloon flights and museum tours. The travel time to and from destinations varies from 1 to 3 hours of in-vehicle travel, depending on the location of pick up points and visited regions. All of our Cape Town wine tours vehicles are luxuriously finished.

Cape Town is unanimously considered to be one of the most dynamic and creative wine producing countries across the world. Experts flock to our shores to sip on our locally produced Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz, and also to gaze upon the magnificent Cape vistas.

Authentic Cape Town wine tours experiences entail so much more than delicious food and fine wine – they are about indulging all of your senses, including “tasting” the wind. The province’s notoriously gusty South-Easter summer wind enhances the vine’s natural energy as a self-regulating creeper, by reducing the size of both berry and bunch with its cooling Atlantic temperature. The resulting wines are better balanced, pleasantly intense and richer in body and flavour. Let our guide take you on the journey of a lifetime with our unrivalled wine tasting tours.

Browse through our selection of wine tours, including Stellenbosch Tours, Franschhoek Tours, Brandy Tours and Private Tours.

Tailor-Made Tours

1 day, extended tours available upon request
  • Do you already have an insight into Cape wine; know what you like, ready for something similar - or completely different?
  • Do you want to share your international preferences so we can match or compare them to Cape equivalents?
  • Led by a Winemaker in a relaxed & unstuffy manner
  • Try your hand at blending or take the supertaster test? (POA)
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Wine Tasting Tour

1 day
  • Taste some Cape Classics
  • Taste some current 'top of the pops' and harness the insight of 30 years of close observation of Cape Wines
  • Guide has international training & experience so can reference international wines & styles & guide you to Cape equivalents
  • Food & wine themed tour also available
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Romancing the Vine

1 day
  • There is no better place for romance than the most beautiful vineyards in the world
  • Let us create the perfect honeymoon experience
  • Enhance those warm fuzzy feelings with fabulous wine and food experiences
  • Pick up & drop off at accommodation
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Cap Classique Tour

1 day
  • Explore the Cape’s take on Méthode Champenoise and why it is comparable to Champagne
  • Taste the different varieties and methods used in MCC production
  • Open a bottle with a sword – or egg flip – it really is easy, even if it is called Sabrage.
  • Discover novel MCC and food pairings (extra charges apply)
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Green Tour

1 day
  • Discover why the Cape is so suited to sustainable grape growing
  • Taste among the best biodynamic wines of the world
  • Explore the richest floral kingdom on the planet
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Brandy Tour

1 day
  • Explore why the Cape consistently produces the best brandies in the world
  • Discover the latest cocktail trends and recipes
  • Taste brandies of varying age, production methods and grape varieties
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